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Paint coating is commonly used English

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Accelerate accelerant
Accelerator stiffening agent, contact an agent
Acetic Acid acetic acid
Acetone acetone
Achromatic Color does not have color
Acid Stain acrylic colophony
Acrylic acrylic acid
Acrylics Acid Resin is acrylic (kind) colophony
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Resin ABS

Colophony, propylene nitrile - butadiene - styrene colophony
Active Agent activator
Additive additive
Additive Mixture adds color to mix
Adhesive adhesive
Adhesive Solvent glue (expect) solvent
Adjacent Color similar color
Advancing Color pass in and out is lubricious
Aerosol Spraying simple and easy spray
After Image incomplete is resembled
Air Drying normal temperature is dry
Airless Spraying does not have gas spray
Colorant of Alcohol Stain alcohol
Alert Color alert is lubricious
Alkyd Resin alkyd
Chap of Alligatoring paint film
Gelatinize of Amount Of Spread is measured
Anticorrosive Paint antirust coating
Antifouling Paint is anti-fouling coating
Coating of Antique Finish ancient formula
Automatic Spraying automatic spray

Baking Finish bakes lacquer spray
Base Boat priming paint
Blistering small bubble
Blushing Bai Hua
Body Varnish burnishs lacquer
Brilliant is bright-coloured
Brushing brushs besmear
Brushing Mark/streak brush mark
Bubbling bleb
Glue of Button Lac delicate bug

Caf é coffee
Glue of colophony of urea of Carbamide Resin Adhesive
Catalyst activator, catalyst, contact an agent
Chalking pulverization
Cherry cherry is lubricious
Chipping flakes
Chromatic Color has color
Chromaticity chroma
Coordinate of Chromaticity Coordinates chroma
Chromaticity Diagram chroma is round
Clssing filling lacquer
Clear Coating transparent coating
Clear Lacquer transparent spray paint
Clear Paint transparent coating
Coarse Particle thick bead
Coating coating

Cobwebbing crack
Cocos cocoa
Coating of ability in swimming of Cold Water Paint
Color Blindness achromatopsia
Color Conditioning colour adjusts
Color Harmony colour is harmonic
Color In Oil piece kind special (mix colors is used)
Color Matching mix colors
Color Number lubricious date (lubricious number or code name)
Coating of Color Paint coloured
Color Reaction colour developing reacts
Color Reproduction color returns
Color Tolerance color is concessional poor
Compatibility consistence
Complimentary Color complementary color
Consistency stiff ply
Contractive Color systole is lubricious
Col Color cold color, cool color
Cooling Agent refrigerant
Covering Power enclothes force
Cracking chap, crackle
Glue of colophony of cresol of Cresol Resin Adhesive
Crimping furrow
Cure sclerosis
Agent of Curing Agent solidify
Temperature of Curing Temperature solidify

Dark is dark
Deep is deep
Degumming come unglued
Glue of wax insect of Dewaxed Shellac glue

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