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[Supply] agent of solidify of cathode electrophoresis lacquer

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Kingcure 495 is a kind of ketone inferior amine modified polyamide, agent of epoxy resin solidify. It comes from have the character such as the solidify below longer up time and high humidity condition at sex of product of Kingcure 450 modified. Be applied at lacquer of scumble cathode electrophoresis and odd constituent epoxy resin to comprise content to wait normally. Product index: Type: Ketone inferior viscosity of amine modified polyamide (MPa.s/25 ℃ ) 15000~30000 amine is worth (colour and lustre of Mg KOH/g) 230~270 (Gardner) <10 proportion (equivalent of G/mm3) 0.98 active hydrogen 130 use quantities (Phr) 60~80 item characteristics: —— deserves to grow —— flexibility than wide, up time strong —— of good, impact resistance has to a variety of material stick application of the product that receive a gender goodly: —— of content of composition of epoxy resin of odd constituent of —— of lacquer of —— cathode electrophoresis sticks receive the product such as the agent to pack reach store: Expiration period of 200Kg metal pail is: Store one year in shady and cool and ventilated place, after unsealing as far as possible one-time gone. Forbidden after unsealing contact for long with air, lest affect product quality. The welcome has demand or to this product interested friend incoming telegram seeks advice, also can examine our website: Http://www.kbfc.cn connects a telephone call: 0591-85582387 mailbox: Support@kbfc.cn

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