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[Beg buy] epoxy resin is pulverous

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I am manufacturing brake piece manufacturer, be informed the agglutinate effect that already partial manufacturer begins to use epoxy resin powder to regard us as raw material now, but I do not know,be what model, also be epoxy resin is mixed likely very other all sorts of filling mix, after passing figuration of high temperature high pressure, character is exceeding wear-resisting, attrition resistance is not low also, high temperature resistant nevertheless rate is very poor, control in 150 degrees commonly. If know the manufacturer that the manufacturer that manufacturer perhaps has offerred attrition trade crosses, contact with me please, wait for affirmatory and rear but batch is bought. The thank releases a company: The Chinese system of weights and measures of Home Zhang harbor uses material factory contact: Lu Ge E-mail: Lu82yi@sina.com connects a telephone call: 0512-58391125 contacts a fax: 0512-58935750 zip code: 215632 addresses: Harbor of gold of city of Home Zhang harbor presses down hill north village