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[Beg buy] solid epoxy resin

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If have solid epoxy resin, had better be the manufacturer with strong powder contacts me please. Specific type is unspecified, general this kind of colophony is tall wear-resisting, have power of certain frictional resistance, high temperature resistant nevertheless degree is bad, in 150 degrees or so, it is the oxygen that make ring likely very board, the material of level ground of ground of oxygen of annulus of tall perhaps wear-resisting, emphasize, must tall wear-resisting. Release a company: The Chinese system of weights and measures of Home Zhang harbor uses material factory contact: Lu Ge E-mail: Lu82yi@sina.com connects a telephone call: 0512-58391125 contacts a fax: 0512-58935750 zip code: 215632 addresses: Harbor of gold of city of Home Zhang harbor presses down hill north village