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Trends of market level of not saturated colophony reviewed home on September 12

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Business company on September 16 dispatch last weekend market of not saturated colophony runs country smoothly, weak force still is in, raw material add drops more than, look general trends already went. International crude falls to 100 dollars / the bucket is the following, chemical grail supports the of no use that break bend, oil changes industrial catenary to look weak go weak to change hard. Times of Olympic Games economy has come after, manufacturer home certain price still is the mainstream, market whole still not hopeful early days values an Olympic Games to drive, current hope market restores, but integral change is finite, still difficult hopeful; Crude oil perch is folded return, " Olympic Games " subject matter continues, less materiality changes the market, chemical industry whole is low fan, demand is weak, yi Ran of market of not saturated colophony. Consumptive demand is like see slightly " move " , but improve to be not shown, a light boat of cooling tower, boat, chemical industry is anticorrosive room of window of assembly of equipment, car, door, activity, coating of equipment of sanitary equipment, food, furniture, Bao Li board, button, granite of agate of copy jade handicraft, scagliola, man-made, man-made, consumption still all relatively was last year little. Early days busy season not current and flourishing, off-season weaker, autumn has come, incomplete abstruse holding, the market " bad old practices die hard " , improve truly remain in October, but at the appointed time deep off-season division already came, the opportunity is apparent and finite; Besides raw material is adjusted still continueing, reduce posture to be not decreased in the round, cost is propped up continue integral be issued to lower levels, manufacturer looks weak hind city is in the majority. ~ of 191# 12400 of quote of mainstream of Hua Dong area 12500 yuan / ton, 196#12800 ~ 13000 yuan / ton; ~ of 191#12600 of quote of mainstream of China north area 12800 yuan / ton, 196#13100 ~ 13300 yuan / ton; ~ of 191#13000 of quote of mainstream of Hua Na area 13200 yuan / ton, 196# 13700 ~ 13900 yuan / ton