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Prospective adhesive develops 6 general orientation

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Prospective 5-10 inside year, spending of sticky agent of our country glue will still increase with the speed of 8%-10% , development direction is as follows:
1. Low formaldehyde releases glue of the aldehyde that measure Niao. It occupies our country to synthesize the 30 % of adhesive gross about, ask to the environmental protection of man-made plank as people will taller, low formaldehyde releases potential of market of glue of the aldehyde that measure Niao tremendous. The company outside already having a state at present produces low formaldehyde to release glue of the aldehyde that measure Niao in our country, at the same time form a complete set builds large-scale lumber processing factory.
2. Heat up frit glue. Sticky agent of this kind of glue does not use organic dissolvent, and construction effect of rapid, felt is good, it is the glue with the rapiddest in recent years growth of our country demand is planted, also be development direction of future. Besides glue of traditional EVA hot frit, home still develops polyester urgently kind, new breed of glue of polyamide hot frit.
3. Polyurethane adhesive. Apply extensively at shoemaking, pack, the domain such as building, car, as a result of its good performance, the glue that is considered as home to have development latent capacity most is planted one of.
4. Adhesive of organic silica gel. In the developed country, the building is sealed and main use organic silicon fluid sealant, henceforth in a few years, organic silicon fluid sealant also will become our country to build the dominant gum that uses fluid sealant to plant.
5. Glue of high-powered epoxy resin. The electron is industrial epoxy resin adhesive, bldg. uses gum of annulus oxygen structure, quality of big, homebred product differs manufacturing technology difficulty, basically rely on an entrance at present.
Reckon the consumptive demand frost of domestic this side will exceed average increase rate greatly henceforth.
6. The car uses gum of frit of model of;PVC of glue of PVC model frit is the car uses main fluid sealant, the 1 / that occupies our country car to use adhesive about 3, demand of item the year before last year is 10 thousand tons about, as our country auto industry especially the development of car industry, glue of PVC model frit has wide development perspective surely.