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The chemical industry related Taiwan area and adhesive

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Acrylic acid produces can rapid promotion. Built plant as a result of China 2006 in succession put into production, global acrylic acid produces can rapid promotion, appear supply superfluous evidence. FPG is the business that Taiwan area produces acrylic acid exclusively, this company was in 2006 L6 of peaceful wave put into production acrylic device of A of / of 10 thousand T. Was in again 2007 build of wheat small house 10 thousand T of L6 the device of / A. MMA monomer crop increases. 2006 L7 of crop of Taiwan area MMA. 90 thousand T, grow 9 compared to the same period. 4 % ; Give El4. 80 thousand T, entrance 6. 60 thousand T. Increase 9 % compared to the same period.

Acetic acid and acetic acid ethylene (YAM) yield rises considerably. Crop of Taiwan area acetic acid broke up 2006 time, amount to 47. 70 thousand T; Exit also twice grows. Amount to above of 100 thousand T. Make an appointment with to chinese mainland exit among them 6. 50 thousand T. Build the demand of PTA device in order to satisfy, export to Thailand 0. 850 thousand T. Supply a side, by BP and FCFC(Taiwan chemical fibber) methanol of joint-stock chemical company of stage model BP acetic acid of A of / of 300 thousand T produces the law because device moves flabby. Up to now have not normal put into production.

Taiwan area polyvinyl alcohol was produced 2006 can expand, VAM crop increases 440 thousand T. Park of outfit of / A polyvinyl alcohol builds the 350 thousand T of Dalian chemistry company in build of wheat small house at the beginning of 2006 after put into production, always produce can achieve 650 thousand TYa. As a result of VAM in short supply, at present start working rate is 70 % left and right sides only.