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Polyurethane insulation material needs to extend a building energetically energy

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Building of the 4th international is energy-saving reach heat preservation building materials to exhibit already ended at Shanghai, exhibit meeting assemble this numerous building is energy-saving the material of the respect and method, however, the reporter sees from the spot, the application that building energy-saving aspect about polyurethane is very few.

From what exhibit conference report to go out information can see, chinese building is at present energy-saving the market although breed is various, but, still basically give priority to with polystyrene warming plate, in addition, still have the heat preservation kind of the material such as cement mortar, among them, include contented family name to have the Shu Tailong of insulation material brand of 60 old histories, also be to use polystyrene board.

Polyurethane by course of study inside accepted for at present till the material with best thermo-efficiency, however, the application on building heat preservation of China is opposite at integral market character is rare, include polyurethane fluid sealant and adhesive to wait for the product application on the building among them. This shows, polyurethane is extended urgently in the applied space that builds energy-saving aspect, the lead company that regards a building as energy-saving product -- contented family name is chemical, also will be opposite in future respect of plank of polyurethane heat preservation undertakes research and development and market develop.

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