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Increase get together to add exert oneself solution to come out to xylene coatin

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American indiana city indiana Bolisi message, special painting system (Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) ) rolled out newest coating agglutinate force to enhance science and technology a few days ago - AdPro Plus™, this technology will be OK rise apparently get together to xylene in all laminating coating the adherent force to all sorts of different base material. The SCS technology group that is in charge of this research says, adPro Plus can increase get together the adherent force between pair of xylene coating and different base material, add exert oneself to get together to raise coating to xylene coating, make its apply a domain to increase greatly.

Adopt AdPro Plus technique, get together to wait for the adherent force between general base material to be able to increase greatly to xylene coating and metal, plastic, elastomer, glass, paper. SCS is used undertake handling to xylene coating to getting together with coating of A-174 organic silicon, enhance graph coating to add exert oneself. And fall in a few circumstances, need not handle even, the adherent force between coating and base material satisfies applied requirement completely.

Get together pair of xylene coating, it is the core product of SCS company, had had development history of 35 years. This kinds of coating is a kind of layer model in all laminating coating, have outstanding moisture, be able to bear or endure chemistry is corroded and dielectric protecties, the forehead can apply extensively in medical treatment equipment, electron yuan component of parts of an apparatus, car and domain of martial national defence.