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Vacuum assists preparation of colophony perfusion colophony 2

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On August 29, 2008 dispatch: Be aimed at vacuum complementary furtherance technology (VARl) is special to matrix resinous requirement, link the aviation material high demand to function, the Wen Gu in developing BA9912 changes epoxy resin system. According to guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.epoxy-e.cn) expert introduces, use VARI craft preparation C0827/BA9912 composite material, checked BA9912 colophony pouring the mechanical function of makings and its composite material and heat-resisting function, had proper trade off study with domestic and international congener colophony. Analytic test makes clear as a result, BA9912 colophony has good mechanical performance, heat-resisting function and technical properties, can satisfy VARI to shape craft requirement, suit to apply in aerospace domain.

3, result and discuss

1, BA9912 resinous content changes character and technical properties
Undertake to BA9912 colophony DSC is analysed, the solidify responses that can understand colophony system is characteristic, its DSC curve is shown 2 times like the graph. The analysis pursues 2 knowable, radiative peak of BA9912 resinous reaction only then temperature carries temperature on the head to be 139 ℃ , peak for 112 ℃ , peak eventually temperature 153 ℃ , can see from which, area of temperature of this system response is narrow reaction temperature is inferior, reaction active is tall, in can be being satisfied lukewarm (120 ℃ ) the requirement of solidify.

Graph the 3 DMA curves of lukewarm condensate in be BA9912 colophony. Guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.epoxy-e.cn) expert expresses, can learn from inside the graph, BA9912 colophony is in in below lukewarm solidify condition, the Tg of vitrification transition temperature of condensate achieved 187 ℃ , its model is measured, the inflection point of temperature curve is 173.9 ℃ , the modular quantity when 82 ℃ maintains rate achieve 88% , achieved when 120 ℃ 80.1% , explain BA9912 colophony active is tall, hear resistance is good, can satisfy the requirement of above of ℃ of working temperature 82.