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2011 epoxy resin to rid itself of a head-up trough

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As we all know, is the application of a wide range of epoxy resin is one of the paint production process of essential raw materials. 2003 epoxy coating accounts for 36% of the total, is the epoxy resin applications The fastest growing area in the application amounted to 104,000 tons. To meet the performance needs paint, paint with epoxy resin has gradually been modified after the application process. Powder coatings and epoxy anti-corrosion coatings account for the two previous coatings. Many different types of epoxy resin, the present application is a large amount of bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin by the role of the base polymer produced. According to the statistics: 1993 World epoxy resin production capacity of 130 tons; 24,000 t in Mainland China accounted for 1.85% of the world total; in 1996 increased the world production capacity of epoxy resin to 1.43 million tons; China's large MISS 32000 t 2.24% of the world total; epoxy resin production capacity of 1997 world 148 tons, of which the world's major countries and regions epoxy resin production capacity of 1.36 million tons; Mainland China 3.5 million tons of the world's total 2.36%; 1999 world production capacity of 1.67 million tons of epoxy resin; 50,000 t in Mainland China accounted for 2.99% of the world total. From the above data show that the situation in the late 20th century the world production of epoxy resin is better, production increased year by year, the average growth rate of 6.16%. According to the latest "Global Market Report epoxy" The data show: the world ring in 2015 Epoxy resin production to nearly 200 million tons. With China's rapid economic and steady development of China's epoxy resin industry has also been considerable progress in recent years, basically about 20% growth in 2005, production capacity of 330,000 tons of epoxy resin, 2006 Annual output of 50 tons, apparent consumption amounted to 70 million tons, becoming the world's major producers and major consuming countries, the entire structure of epoxy resin industry has undergone fundamental changes. Since China's rapid economic development, many foreign companies have joined the epoxy resin in China, now this part of the epoxy resin Zong Channeng foreign capital and the state more than the sum of private capital, so that the whole Epoxy resin industry has undergone a fundamental change in capital structure. In other words, China's epoxy resin industry, half are from the foreign (including Taiwan, Hong Kong-owned) controlled. Although China is the world's major consuming regions in the epoxy resin only a capacity of less than the area of consumption, consumption and production showed double-digit growth, but because of the global production capacity of epoxy resin is greater than demand, trade Globalization, imports are also double-digit growth, competition intensified. Competition also contributed to the rapid development of China's epoxy resin industry, embodied in the production of concentrated, plant scale, a higher level of product quality, Price transparency, to some extent also contributed to the development of downstream industries.